Using The Band Challenge Donations

Band challenge photo

Instrumental Music Center salesman and CHS Band Director

We authorized the first purchase from the “Last Chair Tuba Player” Challenge money – a Repair Kit. What a fabulous design and assortment of needed items. So lucky to have a guy like Robert who knows how to keep the CHS instruments in good repair. 

Additionally, an order was put in for much needed concert band uniforms, to augment those the school already owns, as well as garment bags, to protect them. They will be stored in the lockers in the band Room. (Luckily TUSD still at least pays for ‘cleaning’.)

Save the Date – Fall 2015 Social

Plan to attend the Fall Social

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Pima Medical Building
5199 E. Farness

Spring 2015 Social a Huge Success

Catch your audience with your first words – and end with
impact! Trojan Hall of Fame winner, Ford Burkhart
captivated and entertained a full house at the CHSF
Spring Social. From his early days at Catalina – never
heading for work with words – to giving a NYC fireman a
ride on 9/11, and watching from the waters edge as the
Twin Towers fell – Ford took us along with his exciting
tales. (more…)

Volunteer to help our students

 Volunteers needed

to help students fill out FAFSA’s to help pay for college

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Thursday Feb. 19th at Catalina 6-9pm

Meet in the front lobby at 5pm for short training with new PCC Board Member and former CHS Counselor Mark Hanna, Catalina’s former college readiness counselor, along with CHS Counselor’s Tabitha Chetri and Rochelle Long, This will be a followup to the FAFSA Student Assembly that same day.

Join us for Foundation Forum Sharing

A Foundation Sharing Forum will be hosted by Catalina High School Foundation (CHSF) on March 13, 2015, from 9 AM to 2 PM at Metropolitan Education Commission 930 E. Broadway.

Several years ago we had a successful and interesting forum with many of our region’s high school foundations. Schools still are hard-pressed to provide effective classroom programs which supplement and enrich, beyond the required ABC’s. Teachers are still using personal funds to provide classroom necessities and supplies for their students. (more…)