Proceeds from the Foundation’s fundraising efforts benefit CHS students, teachers, and staff with their educational goals.


Grants are available to support classroom innovation, funding of extracurricular activities, clubs and sports, and sponsorship of student participation in special activities when activity funding is not available. Teachers and students may apply for grants up to $500 twice a year for projects addressing Catalina strategic goals.

Grants Awarded – 2017

Jama Dleuhosh$500To improve the National Honor Society
Alison Climes, AmeriCorps/VISTA$2507 guest speaker sessions and pizzas for 2nd semester
Kate Gallion$2253 copies each of yearbooks for 2016 and 2017 for library archives
Shane Folsom$500To support boys’ baseball team summer camp
FASFA Lottery$490For lottery prizes for students who competed their financial aid forms
CHS Administration$500Replacement refrigerator for faculty, staff, and student activities
Damon Lovato$1,300Donation from Tucson Conquistadors for girls’ basketball camp

Grants Awarded – 2016

Trinidad Tester*$500Equipment for "Daily Living Skills"
Janet Lumsden*$500ACER Chromebook and accessories
Shane Folsum$500Baseball fence slats
Marie Welding$500"Red Ribbon Week" to combat drugs and alcohol
Therese Thayer$800"Gridley" skeleton for anatomy class
Stephen Murray$8003-D printer for STEM class
Shane Carr$400Fees for cross-country track meet
Daniel Lithow$330Initiate a film club
Kate Gallion$500Library books and materials
Damon Lovato$300Girls' basketball summer league fees
Chaudette Gullen*$500"Garden to Table" gardening equipment
Janet Lumsden*$500iPad to video students' day at school
Sam Rolfe$300Exchange floors of dance room and weight room
Maurice Washington$500Community speakers' program
Kathryn Shaw$500Food for first Honor Roll Dinner
Jennifer Johnson$400Ukulele music, tuners, and instructor
Alison Climes, AmeriCorps/VISTA$2505 guest speaker sessions and pizzas for 1st semester
Chaudette Gullen$500Gardening project: harvesting equipment, books, seeds, stakes
Darryl Carlson$500 plus $250 for shoesCross country team – to motivate and recruit
Chris Moseley$500Drama dept. - for set scenery and other needs
Wanda Buchannan$400Red Ribbon Week – for alcohol and drug abuse prevention
Jack Draper$500El Tour de Tucson Stationary Bike Event
Shane Folsom$500For incentives/admission for 125 students to attend CHS sporting events
Lori Encinas$150T-shirts for student audiovisual workers in the theatre and auditorium
*Funds given to Exceptional Education teachers

Mini-Grant Application Guidelines

The Catalina High School Foundation (CHSF) is a supportive entity, created and dedicated solely to promote and maintain the traditional, historical, educational and cultural activities of students and alumni of Catalina High School.

Catalina High School students, teachers, and staff are encouraged to apply for mini-grants. Mini-grants will be awarded among four broad areas:

  1. To support student achievement for extracurricular activities in academics, theater, and athletics
  2. To encourage student preparation for careers and postsecondary education
  3. To support school readiness with general economic assistance improving students’ health and welfare
  4. To support District curriculum and classroom innovations

The Catalina High School Foundation seeks to award mini-grants that will challenge our students to be productive, successful, and well-rounded by improving academic performance, increasing opportunities for extracurricular activity, and improving the graduation rate. We expect our youth to be prepared for the high-tech demands of college, work, and international competition.

The CHSF will direct its support to those activities that reach the largest number of students, will have a greater impact on the school’s community, or that demonstrate true innovation. Funding will be sent directly to the sponsoring organization or the sponsoring teacher’s funds.

The efforts and achievements of many student groups and teams are frequently rewarded by eligibility or invitation to participate in events or activities “away from home.” We realize that this can represent a great opportunity for a variety of reasons. However, due to limitations in funding, priority will be given to student activities and sports events that are nationally-sanctioned.

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted year-round. Although mini-grant proposals may be submitted early, applications must be received by the following deadlines to be considered:

  • Projects beginning after October 10 application due September 8
  • Projects beginning after January 1 application due November 1

Application Process

Applications are available in the School Office from the Foundation mailbox.

Completed CHSF Mini-Grant Applications should be placed in the Foundation mailbox in the faculty mailbox room by 2:00 p.m. on the deadline. For questions, email Jennifer Bond.

Follow Up

A post-grant report detailing how the project met its objectives, along with receipts or proof of expenditures, will be required.

Successful applicants will receive a post-grant report form with their award letter. Completion of the post-grant report is required prior to receiving additional funds from the Foundation. The Catalina High School Foundation will withhold or recover misused grant funds.